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National Skills Week is dedicated to raising the profile and status of vocational learning dispelling outdated myths and showcasing the attractive career opportunities for all Australians.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) has been the foundation of Australia’s strong and vibrant economy. It has produced industry leaders, it offers great diversity, new and exciting career paths, supports our resources and primary industries, builds our cities, supports our Tourism, our monuments, our heritage and much, much more.

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Take a look at some success stories from the VET Alumni.

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The NSW Department of Education have fantastic VET programs available for secondary students.  Check out this short video, showcasing the diversity and opportunities in VET Pathways.  #apprenticeships #traineeships #SBAT #careerinformation
The Skills and Thrills Digital Students Showcase will be removed on Friday 17th September 5pm. Be sure to give it a watch before then for up to date information on industry trends, vocational education and training and post school pathways- (Link in bio).
Our four-part podcast series on school-based apprenticeships and traineeships is now all available to listen to on our website.  Each episode explores the journey of high school students who decided to incorporate Vocational Education subjects in their final years at school and how this has helped them on their career pathways.  Brought to you by the New South Wales Department of Education and SkillsOne.  Listen at - www.nationalskillsweek.com.au/podcasts/  #NationalSkillsWeek #Rethinkyourideas #letsexplore #VETforthefuture #skills #NSWk #pathwaytosuccess #realskillsforrealcareers #myskills #schoolbased #SBAT #apprenticeship #traineedship
Our six-part webinar series from #NationalSkillsWeek 2021 is now available to watch on our website.  Learn abut career pathways in everyday industries such as retail and hospitality with speakers from @woolworths_au @restcatering@feduniaustralia  There is also a focus on healthcare, human services and careers in sports @nrl_vetpathways  We also take a deep dive into journeys through @worldskillsau and apprenticeships and traineeships in Victoria with @tafevic  Catch up on all the webinars - www.nationalskillsweek.com.au/video-gallery  #NationalSkillsWeek #Rethinkyourideas #letsexplore #VETforthefuture #skills #NSWk #pathwaytosuccess #realskillsforrealcareers #myskills
Our interview series LIVE from the Skills Stage is now available to watch on the National Skills Week website.  Catch up on all the interviews - www.nationalskillsweek.com.au/video-gallery  Featuring speakers from @inside_bhp
@worldskillsau @nrl_vetpathways @become_a_bricklayer and more.  #NationalSkillsWeek #Rethinkyourideas #letsexplore #VETforthefuture #skills #NSWk #pathwaytosuccess #realskillsforrealcareers #myskills
National Skills Week 2021 highlighted the talents, skills, career pathways and value of apprentices and trainees across Australia.  This years theme 'RETHINK YOUR IDEAS' truly resonated across the entire sector. Australian's were challenged to recognise that VET is and has changed. Together we focused on what a skill-based career pathway is all about and the role it can have in preparing people for the future of work, especially in a post-pandemic economy.  Check out our website to catch up on all the highlights from the week! www.nationalskillsweek.com.au  #NationalSkillsWeek #Rethinkyourideas #letsexplore #VETforthefuture #skills #NSWk #pathwaytosuccess #realskillsforrealcareers #myskills
@nrl_vetpathways Can you have it all? Sports + a career.  Hear from NRL Ambassador Matt Fuller talk about how VET prepared him for a life after the NRL.  Filmed on the Skills Stage in Perth as part of @nationalskillsweek Skills Stage Rethink Series 👏  Head over to our IGTV to watch the full video 🎥  #NationalSkillsWeek #RealSkillsForRealCareers
We have tonnes of great resources now available on our website to learn about the diverse career pathways a skills-based career can lead to. www.nationalskillsweek.com.au.  Check out our videos, webinars and podcasts from #NationalSkillsWeek 2021 to get you started on your journey though VET.  #Rethinkyourideas #letsexplore #VETforthefuture #skills #NSWk #pathwaytosuccess #realskillsforrealcareers #myskills


National Skills Week - 2021