The South Australian Skills Commission (SASC) has been established to help make the state’s skills system more flexible, easier to navigate and geared towards workforce needs.

The SASC is responsible for advising the Minister for Education, Training and Skills on how the skills sector is performing and will engage directly with industry and employers to deliver the skills they need for future jobs in South Australia. The Industry Skills Councils will help deliver advice on how government can invest in a highly skilled workforce.

The Commission is committed to supporting a skills system that is flexible and responsive to future work, and supporting and skilling more South Australians for the opportunities that will come from the state’s traditional and emerging industries.

Working under the new South Australian Skills Act, a key objective for the Commission is to make it easier for employers to hire apprentices and trainees and to ensure that South Australia is supporting more apprentices and trainees to complete their qualifications.

The SASC was established on 1 July 2021, under the South Australian Skills Act. The SASC brings together the functions of the former South Australian Training Advocate and the Training and Skills Commission.

The Commission will provide services to apprentices and trainees, international students, employers and training providers, responding to complaints, advocating and mediating disputes, to resolve matters relating to training contracts.

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