The Manufacturing Industry Skills Alliance (Manufacturing Alliance) is the Jobs and Skills Council (JSC) for the manufacturing industry. It is an industry owned and industry led organisation supporting the development of skilled workforces that enable modern manufacturing and associated industries to succeed. We work with stakeholders across Australia including employers, unions, educators, learners and governments to build a skilled workforce for now and for the future.

Our predecessor, IBSA Group, was part of the vocational education and training sector for 20 years including being a Skills Service Organisation for the manufacturing industry.

The headquarters of the Manufacturing Alliance is in Melbourne, and our team is based throughout Australia.


Jobs and Skills Councils (JSCs) have been established by the Australian government to bring industry representatives together, with balanced representation from unions and employers in a tripartite approach. They will identify and deliver the workforce skills that are needed for a strong, competitive and sustainable economy.

JSCs advocate for industry, working closely with government to create an efficient training system delivering sustainable prosperity for workers, employers and the wider Australian economy.

JSCs address system-wide barriers from a labour market perspective.

They focus on workforce needs and skills development with a strong emphasis on building partnerships between industry and the vocational education and training sector.

Our Work

The Initial Strategic Industry Taskforce, drawn from the Manufacturing Alliance’s four Foundation Members, has been established to ensure a rapid response from industry to enable the development of the Initial Workforce Plan and Strategic Plan. They will also provide advice on the structure for the ongoing Strategic Industry Taskforce including membership, operating model and terms of reference.

Following this work, the Manufacturing Alliance will establish the Strategic Industry Taskforce with broader membership to provide a strong industry voice and guidance. They will give direction for the essential aspects of the Manufacturing Alliance’s ongoing operations, including identifying strategic priorities and support activities to ensure workforce challenges and skills needs are addressed effectively.

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