Ideas on how you can get involved in National Skills Week.

This is a great week to show your support for Vocational Education and Training.

Contact your local RTO or school

Offer to be involved with any challenges they are running. You can assist through sponsoring, hosting or just coming along to judge.

  • To sponsor, you can support the students learning by providing materials and resources for their challenges.
  • To host, you can provide materials and resources for the students and also come along to provide advice, guidance or even judge the challenge.

Offer your time and knowledge

Ask if the school or RTO is holding any events where you are able to speak to the students about your experience with vocational education and the careers available.

Out and about

Offer to host, or help host a day. Host a day at your company where you show students around, showcasing students career pathways. Encourage exploration of opportunities not thought of before and take them through your establishment to show them what it would look like, working in your industry.

Register your event

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