Just some Ideas to get you started on how you can celebrate National Skills Week.

VET skills challenge

Students workshop and plan a particular VET skills challenge. This is based off their training. Examples of challenges are:

  • Kitchen Operations – Masterchef style competition with Executives or Guest Chefs as Judges
  • Food and Beverage – Coffee making speed challenge
  • IT – Design new brochure/ website etc for RTO website or for an employers/ supporter organisation
  • Sport Coaching – Run a fitness challenge for other students
  • Construction – Simple Projects WorldSkills style competition.
  • Retail/Business Services – Charity fundraising challenge (each group chooses a charity, works together to market and sell a fundraising campaign.

Bring in the experts

Invite industry guests to your RTO Campus to discuss their career experience. Examples include:

VET Careers Expo or as part of your Open Day.

Students from the whole campus work in groups to prepare a career expo stall with pictures, video, presentations, portfolios of work, and research regarding the industry. Students set up their expo stalls in a large space for peers, decision makers, industry advisors, employers, lecturers and mentors to attend.

Organise an event where students and potential students are addressed by empowering women representing non-traditional trades.

Organisations such as SALT (Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen) are a great source of inspiring speakers. Try to have female guest graduates present as well to share their stories.

Inspiring the Future

Use the week to Showcase your Training Organisation.

Hold your exhibitions, industry events, special events ( Dinners, prize giving etc) during the week to show your support for the week.

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