Welcome to National Skills Week

National Skills Week is dedicated to raising the profile and status of vocational learning dispelling outdated myths and showcasing the attractive career opportunities for all Australians.

Vocational Education and Training (VET) has been the foundation of Australia’s strong and vibrant economy. It has produced industry leaders, it offers great diversity, new and exciting career paths, supports our resources and primary industries, builds our cities, supports our Tourism, our monuments, our heritage and much, much more.


“National Skills Week is a time to highlight the myriad of skills and qualifications that can be achieved through a vocational education pathway, and acknowledges the sector’s valuable contribution to Australian lives and businesses. The week is a great time to reflect on the many success stories that have come from VET, and a great time to introduce vocational education to those who are looking to move ahead with the career of their choice”

Senator Michaelia Cash
Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business

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2020 National Launch of National Skills Week- Orchestra of Ideas. 

Get involved!

This year the week will kick off on August 24 , with the national launch in Sydney at the International Convention Centre with an innovative program: The Orchestra of Ideas A Composition and Exhibition of successful ideas, practices, and innovations in the Vocational Education and Skills Arena.

An Event, creative in its delivery, NOT just a Conference! One Day Only Bringing together leaders and innovators in VET and Skills Training to share their knowledge, ignite passion and to build on successful ideas and opportunities that will enable
Australia to thrive, meet the skills needs of industry and advance Australia’s competitiveness and global opportunity.

Find out more about the event here .

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National Skills Week is supported by the Australian Government Department of Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business.