August 20th, 2023

A skilled labour market is an employed labour market
• What are the critical skill shortages?
• Top 20 Occupations in-demand
• What are the future skills and how to train for them?
• Meet the inspiring success stories of the VET sector
15 August 2023 – National Skills Week from 21-27 August aims to raise the status of practical and vocational qualifications and training, enabling all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities, their potential, and how skill attainment and upskilling can contribute to the nation’s economy.
National Skills Week Chair, Brian Wexham says the need to strengthen the image of Vocational Education and Training (VET) and debunk the perception that VET is a secondary option rather than first choice and is somehow less prestigious or valuable than a university qualification, is essential in filling the skills gaps and attracting students to consider apprenticeships and traineeships.
“The focus is on changing and challenging the perceptions of what is on offer in VET and provide opportunities for industry to promote opportunities and diversity of careers…..


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