August 3rd, 2020

It’s programs like this that are key to changing people’s perceptions, and dispelling the myths around Vocational Education and Training. Take a look at the great program the Apprenticeship Employment Network ran, which according to their last report56% of participating students had a change in career interest by the end of the program, leading them to be more certain about where they want to take their career. Their program is a great example of industry, training organisations and associations and schools working together to help educate youth on the different pathways to success that VET can lead you to.

The project provided participants with the option of trialing 3-4 different industries during the one course. With a combination of theoretical and practical work, students were able to see if they would enjoy working in a certain industry. This resulted in 92% of participants, reporting that the program helped them to make the right career decision. This great initiative, allowed thousands of students to have clarification on which career they want to follow, ensuring that not just skills were learnt, but students were able to choose the right pathways to success.

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