August 26th, 2020








To meet the demands of the accelerated technological change, with the added complication of border closures, business needs to shift its focus to reskilling and upskilling employees.

In June PwC surveyed CFO’s around the world and found roughly half plan to make remote work a permanent option.  And 52% said they plan to accelerate automation and digital ways of working as employees return to work.

Workers who have the opportunity to upskill and improve their digital acumen on the job will have a significant advantage over those who do not.

To achieve this business needs to: Rethink & digitise traditional learning pathways and see skills as an investment, not an expense.

Organisations need to determine the skills required to thrive in an accelerated digital environment, through identifying and understanding their skills needs. This is not just ‘big’ technical skills of the future it’s also about the core transferable (or enterprise) skills that enable digital know-how.

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