June 3rd, 2016

The Australian workforce is experiencing shortages in trained and skilled professions across many areas such as childcare, building and construction, hospitality, tourism, and healthcare, all of which offer rewarding and fulfilling career options.

National Skills Week launches on August 24th, prior to the week which runs from August 29th – September 4th. The launch, taking place in Melbourne, will be a celebration of Vocational Education and Training, including the many skilled and trade pathways that make up the nation.

This year National Skills Week aims to challenge people to think about how much they really know about VET, the progression opportunities and the rapidly changing jobs market.

The week aims to shine a spotlight on Vocational Education and Training by making the public aware of the endless career opportunities within the sector.

In an ever changing job market, with rapid technological changes, gaining a skill or trade can lead to long term employment opportunities and job security. Importantly too is choosing areas where there are skill shortages and job growth, to ensure long term need.

Vocational education providers such as TAFE and Private Training Providers add to the development of Australia’s workforce, and emphasise the importance of practical training and hands-on experience when preparing students for work.

The National Skills Week launch in Melbourne at the Queen Victoria Markets will showcase a selection of exciting and rewarding careers. Trade and skill demonstrations will include automotive, cooking, fashion, makeup, 3D printing, aviation, and many more.

Vocational training has many hidden benefits including pathway options, diversity and employment outcomes. What are you doing during National Skills Week to support VET and reveal these benefits?

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