August 25th, 2022

Australia is facing a digital skills shortage. Australia needs 1.2 million Tech workers by 2030 according to a report by the Tech council of Australia.

The report also states that

– 1 in 2 students state that they have never been taught about digital careers.

– Only 33% of young women consider a career in tech, compared to 69% of men.

And that the main source of future tech workers will come from people transitioning from other parts of the economy,

With us today is one of the new workers in the tech industry- doing exactly that- transitioning from one industry into the tech industry and Faith is loving it.

Our  guest is Faith Sylvia- who started studying coding, but whilst she loved the content in her course, the competitive environment left her feeling defeated and instead pursued a finance and insurance career. 7 years later Faith was exploring what she wanted in her career and life and decided to go back into coding, She enrolled herself in a 12-week General Assembly Bootcamp and has not looked back.

Faith describes coding as an addictive and cool combination of both logic and creativity and hopes to add as much value to Envato as they have added to her life.

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