July 20th, 2017

In its 18th year running, Systems Administrator Appreciation Day continues to recognise system administrators for their workplace contribution and professional excellence. Being on call at all times of the day due to the nature of their work, this is the one day of the year they are truly appreciated for their hard work and dedication. On this day, competitions such as the SysAdmin Day Australia Competition are held to showcase and recognise the skills and talents of System Administrators nationwide.

For individuals with a passion in information technology, software, digital media or programming, a vocational education and training (VET) pathway will gain you the qualifications and experience you need to enter and grow in the industry. The information technology industry is just one of the many industries that are recognised during National Skills Week, the focal point for the promotion of VET in Australia.

Most companies, if not all, use some form of technology to run their business. With technology and e-commerce rapidly growing, the market demand for IT specialists are at an all-time high,” says Kirstin Casey, General Manager of SkillsOne.

Rachel Hounsell-Carey, 2015 Australian Training Awards’ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Student of the Year Award finalist, completed a Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking. Rachel registered with an Indigenous employment agency, where she discovered the value of vocational education and training and its ability to improve her future career opportunities.

Vocational training allowed me to learn on the job, and apply that learning in a workplace”, said Rachel.

Having an interest in information technology, Rachel pursued a position at the Australian National University (ANU) as a Trainee Information Officer while completing her Certificate IV through the Group Training Organisation, Australian Training Company. Since graduating, Rachel has continued to advance her career and is now employed in ANU’s Information Technology Department.

“With my training, I had the base knowledge in IT which allowed me to be promoted to a higher, more complicated, full time position,” said Rachel.

For further information on Rachel’s story, or other engaging career stories from the Australian Training Awards program, visit the Australian Training Awards website.

SkillsOne will be showcasing VET qualifications during National Skills Week from 28 August to 3 September 2017. During this week, Australia will highlight the breath in career opportunities available through a VET qualification. To organise an event, or take part in the many events that can be found across the country, visit the National Skills Week website.

For more information please contact: Kirstin Casey (General Manager at SkillsOne)

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