August 25th, 2020

So you are thinking of a career change? Conversations on making the decision to change careers later in life.

Rekeisha  Voss-  VET Alumni, and Anthony Di Cristofaro- VET Alumni,

This episode explores experience of two mature aged apprentices, Anthony Di Cristafaro and Rekeisha Voss. Anthony is the Western Australian apprentice of the year for 2019, and went on to be a finalist at the Australian Training Awards. Rekeisha is the 2019 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student of the year at the Australian Training Awards, and at the Western Australian Training Awards.
They both are sharing with us their experience and their journey and the decision to become a mature age apprentice or a trainee . Anthony and Rekeisha share with us how they made that decision, the issues that they had to confront in changing their jobs as a mature age apprentice, and then talk about insights and the success that they had in making that decision.
We finish up with some insights and advice from both Anthony and to Keisha, to parents, to people considering changing their jobs and to career advisors.

The Journeys to Success Podcast Series is an initiative of The Australian Government and features panelists from the Australian VET Alumni and leading industry representatives.

The Australian VET Alumni Program is a national community of Vocational Education & Training (VET) graduates, registered training organisations (RTOs), VET practitioners and businesses dedicated to sharing their VET journey with Australians to encourage greater participation in VET. For more information visit the National Careers Institute website

Transcript of Podcast


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