August 24th, 2020

Stories on success in male dominated trades
Rebecca Hudson – VET Alumni, and Kathleen Fensom-  VET Alumni,

This episode explores the experience of Rebecca Hudson and Kathleen Fensom, 2 women working in what is referred to as male dominated occupations. Rebecca is the WA trainee of the year 2019 and an Australian Training awards finalist. She works in the construction and mining sector as a crane driver.

Kathleen is the 2018 Qld Trainee of the year and Australian Training awards finalist.   Kathleen was a mechanic and is now working as a Telecommunications Technician. They tell their story of their experiences and decisions in choosing to work in male dominated occupations and speak about perceptions verses reality of working in the trades sectors.  They also share their story about the decision to undertake vocational education and training and how this has allowed them to realise their passion and career of choice.
We finish up with some insights and advice from Rebecca and Kathleen for  people who are considering their study pathway, parents, career advisers.

The Journeys to Success Podcast Series is an initiative of The Australian Government and features panelists from the Australian VET Alumni and leading industry representatives.

The Australian VET Alumni Program is a national community of Vocational Education & Training (VET) graduates, registered training organisations (RTOs), VET practitioners and businesses dedicated to sharing their VET journey with Australians to encourage greater participation in VET. For more information visit the National Careers Institute website

Transcript: So, can we just get on with the job?

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