September 1st, 2020

“Creating a better normal”.

SkillsRoad released their 2020 Covid-19 youth review.

The report aims to arm employers, educators and parents/carers with the knowledge and tools they need to turn this pandemic into an opportunity, rather than a long-term threat. To support them to play their part to help youth navigate this difficult situation and empower youth to make the future better.

To do so, SkillsRoad combined data and findings from two proprietary Skillsroad surveys undertaken this year with relevant supporting research and insights to review the nature of the challenges Gen Z and young millennials are currently dealing with, and how this may impact their working lives going forward.

The report starts by providing a sweeping overview of how Gen Z generally differ from previous generations, and then delve into five “Challenge Statements” relevant to the cohort as identified during their research. Each statement ends with practically actionable resources and insight to help employers, educators and parents identify the next steps they can take to support Australian youth going forward.

The report has great insight into the minds of today’s youth.















REPORT LINK: Skillsroad-COVID-19-2020-Youth-Review

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