July 13th, 2015

To celebrate National Skills Week (24-30 August), SkillsOne Television will be hosting a Theatre Showcase, ‘DISCOVER- Your Incredible Journey To a Career’. This is a must for students years 9/10/11 and will assist their understanding of the diversity and career pathways available through vocational education.

The production will highlight future industry trends in NSW, where the jobs are and Australia’s emerging areas of opportunity. SkillsOne Television will use film, music and Ambassador profiling in a creative and engaging manner to highlight the emerging Industry trends in pathways such as Agribusiness, Digital Careers, Tourism, Hospitality, Building and Construction, Healthcare and more.

Two shows will be run throughout the day to allow for maximum student attendance, however numbers are limited to 6 students a school in a first in best dressed situation so we encourage you to register your schools attendance as early as possible and help connect your students passion to an inspiring career.

Click here for more information and event registrations.

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