August 25th, 2016

Following the National Launch of National Skills Week on August 24 in Melbourne, further launches are set to continue all around the country with the next state launch happening on August 29 in New South Wales at Southern Cross Catholic Vocational College, Burwood.

The Hon John Barilaro MP New South Wales Minister for Regional Development, Skills and Small Business will attend the launch, helping address the changing nature of Industry, the many benefits of VET to Australia, and also assist in turning attention toward skills shortages affecting a number of important sectors.

“National Skills Week is about putting skills and trades on the agenda, celebrating its contribution to building a strong workforce, and changing existing attitudes towards VET,” General Manager at SkillsOne Kirstin Casey said.

“It is important for people to better understand the important role VET plays in creating skilled professionals, and giving all Australians world-class training, Industry connections, and support so that they can create successful career pathways for themselves.”

The cocktail event will bring together a variety of Industry figures, Vocational Training organisations, and professionals who have either assisted people in career progressions, or created their own success stories from taking up a VET pathway. Southern Cross Vocational Catholic College, a leading provider of high quality vocational learning and training, will host this year’s state launch. Principle of Southern Cross Patrick O’Reilly will discuss the important role the college plays in furthering VET, supporting aspiring young adults, and providing applied hands-on learning to students.

“Integral to National Skills Week are the important Industry influencers who are to join in on the launches, sharing their knowledge of VET and the many study and career benefits it holds,” Kirstin Casey said.

“Australian Training Awards Alumni are such individuals, and their unique career stories that have emanated from VET are highly valuable in helping inspire other people to connect their passions to a career outcome.”

2012 Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year Finalist Jessica Taggart will attend the NSW state launch to share her personal career journey and emulate the sought after qualities inherent in all NSW alumni.

Jessica was dedicated to a career pathway in health care when her younger sister was born with a heart disease. The exposure Jessica received to supportive and caring healthcare professionals inspired her to help others, so she completed a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance and an Australian Apprenticeship.

“Jessica connected her interests and passions to a successful career outcome, and VET propelled her toward success. We are delighted to have her at the New South Wales Launch of National Skills Week and look forward to hearing her inspiring story,” Kirstin Casey said.

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National Skills Week runs from August 29 to September 4. For more information on the launches taking place in major states nationwide, visit the National Skills Week website:

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