August 7th, 2016

Building the profile of Vocational Education and Training, and empowering all Australians to connect their passions to a career outcome

Every year National Skills Week recognises, celebrates and informs students and the wider public on the diverse careers available through Vocational Education and the many benefits that come with taking up Vocational Training.

New World, New Vision, Your Future, the theme for this year will enlighten people on the changing nature of Industry, and how the information age has delivered an array of new job opportunities and exciting career avenues for all Australians.

There are skills shortages across a number of sectors including childcare, healthcare, engineering, the Defence Force, agriculture, building and construction, digital, tourism and hospitality, for which National Skills Week presents Vocational Education and Training as part of the solution.

For Australia to maintain and advance its success in a global market brimming with competitiveness, the nation has to shift focus to appropriately skilling its population. VET’s technical and hands-on approach to training opens up invaluable opportunity for students to take up an Australian Apprenticeship, gain work placement, and interact with Industry, all of which will help shape them into qualified and highly employable professionals.

Australia’s strong and effervescent economy and workforce has largely been shaped by VET, and the flexible approach the system provides, allowing people from all walks of life to further their training and secure successful career paths.

The weeklong celebrations seek to inspire all Australians, young and mature, to explore their passions and discover how VET can offer flexibility, support and world-class training in a concentrated effort to make study accommodating to them, and allow for a seamless transition into the workforce.

Australian Training Awards Alumni and Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors will share inspiring career stories and successes that have emanated from VET, which will work to inform the public on the opportunities available, and dispel out-dated myths.

For further information on National Skills Week, please contact Brian Wexham, or visit the National Skills Week and SkillsOne websites below:


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