October 7th, 2015

National Skills Week has wrapped for its fifth consecutive year with unprecedented success! The week recognised, celebrated and informed students and the wider public of the diversity, benefits and achievements associated with Vocational Education and Training. This year’s theme embraced and brought into focus the skills needs associated with Australia’s emerging areas of opportunity.

The week began with a launch on Monday 24 August at NSW Parliament House in Sydney and was followed with launches across other states including Victoria, Queensland and the Northern Territory. Hundreds of events also took place across Australia including Open Days, Competitions, Info Days and Hospitality/Commercial Cookery events, not to mention numerous events run by schools and not for profit organisations, such as Rotary.

A survey conducted among attendees at the NSW launch raised comments confirming that key messaging of National Skills Week highlights “the importance of encouraging our youth to consider skills and trades as a first option for a rewarding career”

100% of those surveyed agreed it is important to have a week like National Skills Week to draw attention to VET, its careers pathways and its diversity – “VET needs this kind of recognition and celebration to help it regain its importance in the fabric of our economy”

97.7% of those surveyed considered it important that National Skills Week highlights Australia’s Industry trends, with attendees stating that – “Industry trends should be promoted to students, so training is directed toward the careers and sectors where students can gain meaningful employment options which will be of value to them”

100% of those surveyed believed the publicity that National Skills Week attracts is important in promoting VET – “It is the only time there is a concerted effort to gain media exposure and use the strength and diversity of VET”

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