August 8th, 2017

There is a growing recognition that as agents of change, young people are critical in conflict prevention and sustaining peace. International Youth Day 2017, celebrated on 11th August 2017 is dedicated to celebrating young people’s contributions to conflict prevention and transformation as well as inclusion, social justice, and sustainable peace. Social inclusion for youth, including participation in decision-making, having access to quality education, health care and basic services promotes their role as active contributors to society and affords young people with opportunities to reach their potential and achieve their goals. In the lead up to International Youth Day, we celebrate the achievements of youth in the vocational education and training (VET) sector.

Research by PWC states that by 2020, Millennials will make up 50% of the global workforce. Millennial workers are known to have benefits of fresh perspective, desire do work with meaning that impacts positively on their community, be adept at digital transformation and have strong technical and practical skills.

Madeleine Wallace, national VET Alumni member, Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador and 2016 Australian Training Awards Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year Award runner up, completed a Certificate II in 2015 in Animal Studies through an Australian School-based Apprenticeship while working at the Weston Creek Veterinary Hospital.

“I decided in year 10 when I was looking at my senior school studies to take on a school based apprenticeship through my school, because it was going to best fit my learning and schooling. So I asked a family friend who owns a veterinarian clinic if she would be willing to take me on to do a Certificate II in Animal Studies, which she was, and I was lucky enough to do that for the year,” said Madeline.

In 2016, Madeline had the opportunity to transition into a second Australian School-based Apprenticeship with the same employer, commencing a Certificate III in Business while working as a receptionist.

Undertaking an Australian School-based Apprenticeship has given her the opportunity to work while completing her Year 12 studies, and taught her how to balance work, study and sport all while navigating new online learning methods, setting her up for future career success.

In the future, Madeline would like to continue her learning and undertake a Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing with the hope of one day travelling overseas and working with animals.

For further information on Madeline’s story, or other inspiring career stories from the Australian Training Awards, VET Alumni Program or the Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors program, visit the Australian Training Awards website.


SkillsOne will be showcasing VET qualifications during National Skills Week from 28 August to 3 September 2017. National Skills Week is Australia’s primary week to acknowledge vocational achievements and celebrate the endless opportunities available through VET.

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