August 28th, 2020

The Panel:

Kristy McDermott is an Qld 2019 Vocational student of the year VET Alumni, and Finalist at the  Australian Training Awards (ATA).

Karin Cahill is the parent of Jordan Cahill who has had success at the NSW and ATA,WorldSkills and other areas of his career. , Samantha Boreham is the Assistant Principal (Learning Innovation), CathWest College . CathWest is a Member of Parramatta Catholic Diocese which was the ATA Small training provider 2019.

This podcast explores  the impact of the school and parents in career pathways and choices. We look at the  world from the School, the parent of a Vocational Education students and a VET Alumni.


Kristy speaks to us of her journeys from leading school after year 9 and to her current career in her landscaping Business.  Karin speaks about being a parent and her insights and thoughts of supporting her son through his vocational studies and his career. Samantha has the great job to lead a team of school educators in inspiring the VET students of the future through her work in a school that offers alternative vocational education options, training paths and mentors for students and  encouraging students to create their own study and career paths. We ask Samantha about the programs and other work in building confidence in students. We finish up with some insights and advice for parents, employers, career advisers and people to get greater participation in Vocational education and skills training.

Transcript of Podcast

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