August 21st, 2023

What are you looking for? Did you know that training in a laboratory could get a job in a range of industries, The scope of career opportunities by undertaking laboratory and pathology training is huge!

Have a look below at some of the industries you could work in.

Thank you to our friends at LTT for their insights into this sector.

During National Skills Week LTT are running a STEMsational information sessions in multiple states, check them out and explore the different career paths you can take. Details on information sessions are listed at the end of the blog for each state. 

Lets have a look at some of the industries you can work in,

Construction and Engineering

You could enter a career in construction and engineering. Construction Materials Testing (CMT) Technicians are responsible for testing on construction sights, ultimately contributing to the reliability and longevity of Australia’s built environment. While working as a CMT you may be: travelling to different construction sites to complete concrete slump and other field tests, sampling, casting, measuring, weighing, and crushing material specimens, and reporting the results of quarry product tests. 


There are opportunities in the education sector to work in public and private / independent high schools, TAFEs, registered training organisations (RTOs), and universities as a School Science Technician. This job involves preparing laboratory experiments for class demonstrations, assisting in the creation of lesson plans and providing support teaching and training activities. You can be involved in laying the foundation for future generations of scientists through contributing to their understanding of scientific principles and fostering  love for science 


Gain access to a career in environmental sciences with employers like Bureau Veritas, CBased Environmental, Compas, Deakin University, Envirolab Group, and government departments of environment / natural resources / planning / water. Become an Environmental Technician and support scientists and policymakers in ensuring the safety of our working and living environments, as well as the sustainable management of Australia’s diverse ecosystems for future generations.

Farming and Agriculture

In the Farming and agricultural sector, you could work as an Agricultural Technician for cutting edge companies such as  April Sun Farms, Australian Grain Technologies, Australian Vintage, IDEXX, Inventia Genetic Technologies, Randstad, and Symbio Laboratories, just to name a few. Use your skills to contribute to food security in Australia through helping to identify potential diseases and maintaining the health of plants, soil and animals. 


Food and Wine

You could work as a Food Safety and Production Laboratory Technician, a job that involves; visiting regional winemakers to build and maintain customer relationships and collect wine samples for testing, coaching operational staff and conducting internal audits of factory processes, and coordinating food safety testing. Employers include: Affinity Labs, ALS, Asahi Beverages, Chef Fresh, Eurofins, Evolve Scientific Recruitment, One Harvest, and Rubicon Foods.

 Mining and Resources 

Metallurgical, Field Service, Geological, and Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Laboratory Technicians work within the mining, resources and energy sector. They support efficient, safe, and commercially successful operations. From FIFO-based exploration projects to part-time pilot scale experimental work in mineral processing, the roles and responsibilities of technicians working in these industries are many and varied! 


Pathology, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Other work opportunities exist as Pharmaceutical and Medical Laboratory Technicians within the pathology, pharmaceutical and healthcare sector. You can gain qualifications while working within Australian Clinical Labs, government departments of health, Healius, Nanosonics, Saturn Pathology, and Sonic Healthcare. This job entails research and diagnostic skills, working on disease detection, monitoring, and treatment. The work done by these technicians instrumental in assisting medical professionals to improve patient outcomes, quality of care, and overall public health. 













So you can seethe opportunities are vast and varied.

LTT offers direct access to a range of industries through laboratory and pathology collection training, you can also earn certificates, diplomas and advanced diplomas while you work. To find out the different courses you can take to start working as a laboratory technician, see LTT’s website for their full scope of courses in the different states and territories of Australia. 

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Thank you to our friends at LTT for providing us with this information

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