March 30th, 2016

We need to encourage more young Australians to consider vocational education pathways and careers.

Australia is currently experiencing skills shortages in many sectors and apprentices, trainees and a skilled workforce are vital to the economic development of Australia.

National Skills Week helps to bring the opportunities into focus, highlight the many options and the diversity in VET. We want to encourage, inform and inspire people of all ages to explore the benefits of undertaking vocational education and training courses.

And we need your help!

What can your school, registered training organisation (RTO), Industry Association, small business, company or charity do in that week to provide a dream, stimulate someone’s passion, ignite their flair and their enthusiasm that can lead to a successful career.

Over the past 5 years, there have been many creative, daring, wonderful examples of events, that included Flash Mobs, Industry demonstrations in shopping malls, school trips to small enterprises, skills ambassadors speaking at schools and other innovative events. Collaborative events with community partners like Rotary, open days at TAFEs, and RTOs generally, organised student visits to Industry and RTOs. Father daughter dinners to explore women in non-traditional trades, visiting celebrities, involvement with local parliamentarians and using social media to publicise National Skills Week. Students have built things to demonstrate their skills to highlight an industry, a cubby house donated to child care facility to draw attention to Child Care Careers etc.

It is an endless list…

Organise an event now, it doesn’t matter how small, or large.
If you are a school who could you invite to talk to students that week, what websites could students discover that relates their passion to a career.

If you are an Enterprise or an RTO get a speaker along to the local school or organise a tour.

Let us know how we can help, get the local media involved, the radio station, your community papers.

If you have an event open to the public place it on the National Skills Week website as well as find many helpful hints and tips on how to host, promote and celebrate the events you put on, through our informative ‘Media Kit’.

Importantly tell us your ideas, for this and more information please email

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