August 18th, 2016

A new report predicts that Australia will experience a steep increase in foreign travellers entering the country, resulting in new growth opportunities in the hospitality and customer service sectors. National Skills Week puts Vocational Education and Training on the agenda, helping people better understand its benefits and the vital contribution it makes to the advancement of the nation’s economy.

The Deloitte report Positioning for Prosperity? Catching the Next Wave, lists tourism as the second biggest sector to experience enormous growth from this year till the year 2033, pointing to new demands on hospitality and customer service sectors, which are expected to tend to new surges of foreigners wanting to experience exceptional food, service and sleep. These trends extend from hotel service through to cruise ship, restaurant, and retail service, all providers of ‘space, nature, holidays and luxury experiences’. The Federal Government concluded that in 2015 7 million international visitors arrived in Australia, with 35 percent of these travelling to regional towns. If Australia is to manage the expected increase of these numbers, the nation has to look into appropriately skilling people in the sector, in both metropolitan and regional areas.

From August 29 – September 4 Australian Training Awards Alumni and Australian Apprenticeships Ambassadors will take part in National Skills Week, an event to celebrate skills and trades across a range of sectors, including the hospitality and customer service sector. Bethany Spoor from Lismore, regional New South Wales represents some of the many positive stories that have emanated from VET, and inspires others to take up a career through Vocational Training.

2015 Australian Training Award’s Australian Apprentice (Trainee) of the Year Finalist Bethany Spoor showed promising potential after setting up her own company of skincare products at the age of only thirteen.

Seeking to extend her skills and better understand the retail industry, Bethany connected with her local McDonalds for a career pathway, which provided her with the unique opportunity to take up an Australian Apprenticeship and complete a Certificate III in Retail Operations. Within three months Bethany went from a crew member to Lismore McDonalds Manager.

“My traineeship has given me skills and experiences that are invaluable. They can transition to my business, my current job and to my life and growth as a person,” Bethany said.

“Apprenticeships and traineeships should be the first choice of many more young people because you can start a paid job straight away in what you want to do and get practical, hands on learning.”

Bethany uses her Industry standard skill sets and knowledge to mentor youth who did not complete senior high school studies, and assists them in connecting to Australian Apprenticeship opportunities. Currently, she is shifting her focus back on her skincare business with the aim of opening stores.

“The Hospitality industry in Australia is expanding, and National Skills Week in August and September will highlight the need to provide appropriate training to people looking into developing a career in the sector,” General Manager at SkillsOne Kirstin Casey said.

“Vocational Training opens up many benefits and opportunities for young professionals, whether they want to take up an Australian Apprenticeship, gain valuable work experience, build Industry connections, or enhance their entrepreneurial mindset.”

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