September 4th, 2023

A panel interview with key participants in the SBAT program in NSW was held as part of National Skills Week NSW launch.


Paul Nicolaou was the moderator and the following people provided insights and commentary on their experiences with the SBAT program.

  • Madelyn Hurkett- Employer  at Bambinos
  • Sarah Stokes- Parent of Kaitlin
  • Chris Davis- Training Services NSW speaking on the RIEP program supporting schools and businesses.
  • Kaitlin Stokes- SBAT Student- year 11, working at Bambinos as a school based trainee
  • Tyler Pokran- Apprentice Chef Tetsuya’s, and previously School based apprentice


The launch  of National Skills Week was  in partnership with Training Services NSW.

Thank you to Business Sydney for your contribution and support for the event.

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