Event Date: August 17th, 2022

National Skills week is just around the corner – and this year the spotlight is on the work being done to support and raise the status of practical and vocational learning.

The VET Sector is facing a widespread perception that VET is a second option rather than first choice.  Students need to see the opportunities a vocational learning pathway can offer – and know that it’s not just apprenticeships and traineeships.

VET professionals from all levels are invited to join Director for National Skills Week, Anne Cazar, for this exciting and thought provoking seminar.

National Skills Week was founded on four key areas of focus, notably to dispel the negative perceptions that surround vocational education and training (VET), highlight its diversity, the career pathways, and the success stories that emanate from VET, plus bring focus to emerging skills needs, and industry trends.

This year’s theme is A Universe of Skills: Go Beyond Your Imagination. We are asking people to consider the scope and ever-changing possibilities for careers, opportunities and emerging industries. Careers in emerging industries and areas, new technology, future skills and jobs are key to the messaging this year. This year’s theme prompts people to question:

  • Did you ever imagine a career where…
  • Could you possibly imagine a job which…
  • What do you imagine for your future…

The critical importance of VET practitioners in promotion and showcasing their students and their own work is discussed and strategies to assist will be provided.

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