Event Date: August 19th, 2024

Event Location: Wyndham Tech School, Hoppers Lane, Werribee VIC, Australia

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In this networking event, discover how collaboration between industry and education can shape the future STEM talent pipeline.

Connecting educational leaders and industry professionals to explore and understand the STEM landscape through hands-on activities, engaging tech exploration, and collaborative discussions.


Who should attend?

School Leaders: Principals, Assistant Principals, Careers Practitioners, Learning Specialists, Policymakers

Industry Professionals: Employers, Directors, Managers, Recruiters, STEM Professionals



9:00  Welcome and Refreshments

9:30  Leading & Inspiring Gen Z – Katie Iles

10:15  Digital Skills and Australia’s Future Workforce – Future Skills Organisation

10:35  Concurrent Workshops (Collaborative Problem Solving, Creating and Innovating, Working and Learning with AI Tools)

11:30  Morning Tea

11:45  Concurrent Workshops Continued

12:45  Lunch

1:15  Focus Groups: Applying Future Skills

2:00  Group Activity and Concluding Remarks

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Wyndham Tech School, Hoppers Lane, Werribee VIC, Australia

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