Event Date: August 24th, 2021

Event Location: RMIT Building 70 Level 1, Carlton VIC 3004, Australia

This event is an opportunity to explore and discuss Vocational Education pathways and related careers in demand.

What you will learn in this info session:

How to stay abreast of job market trends and the opportunities that Vocational Education presents in the current job market
Learn about real life people who have made the transition and how they have done it
What careers exist in growth areas and how you can quickly and safely transition into one
What current opportunities are presented by the FreeTAFE and JobTrainer programs – and how you can enhance your career taking advantage of them
How the Skills and Jobs Centre can assist you at no cost to make your transition

Who this is for:
Jobseekers of any age
Career Switchers
Career Educators
Employers who are seeking to upskill their workforce

We look forward to seeing you there!

RMIT Building 70 Level 1, Carlton VIC 3004, Australia

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