Event Date: August 25th, 2022 (11am - 12pm)

Think retail is just about sales? Think again!

Retail is a great way to enter the workforce, and an excellent entry point for a promising career path.
Hear from a range of presenters on how they started in retail, as well as some great hints and tips for you to build an amazing retail career.
A career in retail is not only rewarding but also offers endless growth opportunities. As the largest private sector employer in Australia, the retail sector provides a unique platform to both build and quickly progress your career. Retail offers exciting and diverse entry level roles which can advance to supervisory and management position or diversify into innovative positions in various departments where skills are transferrable to other industries.
Education and training provide the vital foundational skills and knowledge which will position you to successfully excel in whatever retail path you choose to take. Skills based learning allows you to quickly build and apply the skills when you need them, to progress your career in the exciting and innovative environment of Retail.

This special National Skills Week event is in partnership with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations.

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