Event Date: August 24th, 2021

As part of National Skills Week, Australia’s leading thinkers and practitioners in this space will join us on 24 August 2021, for an important conversation about the future of jobs, automation, pathways to employment, utilising technology and creating Australia’s AI workforce.

Digital Disruption is changing every Australian workplace and profession. Today – now – more than ever, staying ahead of change is crucial for both a successful career and a thriving business.

The Future Work Summit will feature industry-leading speakers from across the fields of employee transition, personal growth, technology and innovation – all of whom will present solutions designed specifically to help delegates future-proof their organisations, their industry and their career. The Summit focuses on small/medium businesses and organisations, start-ups, academia, education, government and community groups. The Summit’s overall mission will be to deliver the growth needed to fuel our economy in the future, deliver better paying and more fulfilling work opportunities and achieve a standard of living above what we have today.

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