Event Date: August 29th, 2019

Hunter Sports High School is hosting a day to support career-related learning for primary school students in line the DEC School to Work: Career Development Continuum K-12. The event will provide an opportunity to engage primary school parents in VET and encourage conversations between all parties (parents, students, and teachers) around career journeys and options, particularly in regard to VET options.

The day will start off with a learning of the Hospitality industry from 9.55am – 11.10am with Heidi Barker and the VET Hospitality Food and Beverage students. It will consist of discussion about the nature of career paths flowing from completion of the VET Hospitality course. This will be followed by a tour of the brand new commercial kitchen and a food/beverage preparation activity e.g. pikelets and a healthy fruit smoothie.

Session 2 will be hosted from 11.40am – 1.40pm and be focused on the sports coaching areas of VET. It will be conducted by Jayson Strachan and the VET Sports Coaching students. It will consist of a tour of the brand new gymnasium facilities at the school. This will be followed by a fitness industry induction and a careers in sports coaching discussion. Representatives from the school’s associated sporting bodies, such as the Newcastle Jets and Knights, Basketball and Cricket NSW, will be present for a question and answer session. Finally activities demonstrating student’s skills in strapping, stretching, strength and conditioning exercises will take place.

Guests who are invited are Year 6 students, staff and their parents from the local feeder primary schools will be in attendance. The staff of Hunter Sports High School will be present at the event as well as High School students.

For more information or to be involved contact:
Kellie Griffin on 49435755

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