November 13th, 2020

Industry leaders have teamed up with Skills Lab to launch Australia’s first digital engineering apprenticeship as a firm pathway to an in-demand career

The Digital Engineering Apprenticeship program seeks out passionate, technically minded school leavers to partner with top-tier businesses in a 3-year paid-to-learn training model. The first-of-kind apprenticeship has been spearheaded by SA Power Networks and developed at the direct request of business leaders from across the engineering community to produce the digital specialists they want on their teams. Higher Apprentices meet the digital needs of businesses and gain real-world project experience while earning an industry recognised qualification in a partnership giving rise to a new class of para-professional.

Enter the ‘new collar’ worker. Enter the Digital Apprentice. Applications close 20th November 2020. The apprenticeship is indentured and the Commonwealth Boosting Apprenticeship Wage subsidy will apply.

Digital Apprentice Benefits

  • Paid, on-the-job learning
  • Nationally accredited Diploma of Applied Technologies
  • Additional modules, tailored to your projects, focusing on a range of tools including: visualisation, CAD, GIS and programming
  • Access to industry-leading technology
  • Support from working engineers and technicians
  • Collaboration with fellow apprentices based in other top-tier organisations
  • Pathway to lifelong learning.

Students gain extensive knowledge of Industry 4.0, customisation and product life cycle management through studying the Diploma of Applied Technologies. The Diploma of Applied Technologies provides the skills and knowledge to help individuals in Industry 4.0 manufacturing and/or engineering environments explore problems which can be solved using technology.

Participants use a systems approach to troubleshoot every aspect of the ‘smart factory’ and they incorporate concepts
of innovation and change to achieve tangible outcomes.

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