January 16th, 2017

Inspire your students to discover and use their talent through quality vocational education and convince others of its real value to individuals and society. Here are some helpful tips for schools and careers advisers on how you can get invovled and celebrate this National Skills Week:

  • Invite an Australian Apprenticeships Ambassador to speak
  • Invite an apprentice who has completed their apprenticeship to talk to students about their experience
  • Organise for students to visit a TAFE institute and/or Registered Training Organisation (RTO), (member of ACPET)
  • Get students to describe their passion and what they enjoy, and then have them identify and link this to vocational pathways
  • Have students research quality Private Training Providers through the ACPET Catalogue
  • Invite a representative from a RTO or Group Training Organisation (GTO) to address students
  • Invite a selection of employers who represent different industries to talk to students about their particular industry
  • Invite an employer organisation representative from the National Farmers’ Federation, Australian Chamber of Commerce, or Australian Industry Group to address students
  • Organise a parent and daughter dinner or night for attendees to be addressed by successful women who have succeeded in non-traditional
    trades. E.g. more women are going into engineering, electrical, building and construction, mining, and agriculture
  • During National Skills Week, SkillsOne Television will be running programming opportunities and careers in the vocational sector on Foxtel
    (Aurora – Channel 183). Details of the programming and times will be found at www.skillsone.com.au
  • If schools have VET courses, the school may consider organising a VET taster day
  • Build relations with the community. E.g. ask the local baker, butcher, florist etc. to attend school and talk to students about their industry.
  • As a whole class activity, develop a word bank that describes Vocational Education. I.e. skills, hands on, learning, job security, well paid, opportunities etc.
  • Ask students to map a parent, sibling, or cousins career pathway, then present it to the whole class. E.g. Dad: Completed a glazier apprenticeship
    after 4 years, worked with Johnson’s building supplies as a glazier for 7 years, opened his own business as a handyman, and is now his own boss.
  • Get students to investigate and research useful websites where they can gain information about careers, pathways, and Vocational Education, generally, for example:
    ACPET Catalogue www.acpetcatalogue.edu.au
    Career in the Building and Construction Industry www.constructmycareer.com.au
    Career info for people with a disability www.jobaccess.gov.au
    Defence Jobs www.defencejobs.gov.au
    IT Careers www.aiia.com.au
    Job Outlook www.joboutlook.gov.au
    Real Stories, Real Achievements www.australiantrainingawards.gov.au/story
    SkillsOne www.skillsone.com.au
    Smart and Skilled www.smartandskilled.nsw.gov.au
    The Job I Love www.thejobilove.com.au

For some more helpful information checkout the Deloitte Positioning for Prosperity Report. This report explores how we can position Australia – and its individual sectors and businesses – for future prosperity. How do we extend the run of mining, our current wave? And what future waves can we catch?

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