August 15th, 2020
National Skills Week highlights the personally, professionally, and financially rewarding career choices available through vocational education. Meet South Australian Butcher Luke Moody, a man who set out to dispel the myths around butchery . Luke completed a butchery apprenticeship and decided that he wanted to share with the public his experience of butchery, the value of work he found through that career path and his pathway to success.
Luke is a well established and trusted butcher in South Australia, with great networks in the industry, He created the Apprentice Butchers of SA Inc with industry colleges, including the Australian Meat Industry Council, his old TAFESA trade school lecturer, and others.
Luke and his partner created a video series following 6 butchers and their unique stories within the trade. Showcasing men and women, all local butchers, and displaying through video a deeply and personally relatable series. Through video, Luke and his partner were able to capture videos, statements and stories, which they shared with the public. This great initiative is a creative way of engaging the public and capturing attention, spreading Luke’s message.
This is a great initiative which engages the public, and is fun to make.
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