August 24th, 2023

The Australian construction industry is a huge
contributor to the nation’s economy, with an estimated
annual value of $360 billion, 1.2 million people are employed across a range of
occupations,- builders,  architects,  engineers, project
managers, and tradies

The shortfall this year alone
in the construction industry- almost 100 000 people.
It’s hard to find a tradie ask you parents.! There is work
for the picking . So how do we convince more young
Australians to try a trade?  How do we explain that an
apprenticeship in 2023 and beyond is so different to
what it used to be and that the possibilities at the other
end are endless.

Well wait till you meet our young ambassador from the
brick and block industry. He is building an amazing
future on the back of a brick and block apprenticeship
fast forward 15 years and now he’s a boss with
11 employees and counting. He’s got some ideas of
his own on how to attract and keep the next wave of
tradies in his industry .

Lets dive into this trade through the eyes of someone who knows it inside and out.

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