August 20th, 2023
We were delighted to welcome to the stage at the National Launch to discuss both individual and organisations perspectives on Vocational Education and Training pathways and  experiences.

Clarisse Ambroise Australian Training awards Trainee of the Year Award 2020 Finalist, and Australian Capital Territory Winner 2020 Trainee of the Year

Hannah Holford-ACT Australian School-based Apprentice of the Year for 2021 and Australian School-based Trainee of the Year at the 2021 Australian Training Awards.

Matthew Tosolini-National RTO & Technical Capability Manager Komatsu Australia Pty Ltd

Komatsu is the 2022 NSW Training awards large employer of the year , 2022 Australian Training awards Silver recipient Large Employer of the year and 2022 Australian Training Awards Australian Apprenticeships Employer Award- Silver recipient

Kurt Gruber- Executive Director of Indigenous Social Enterprise WV Technologies

WV Technologies is the 2022 ACT Small business training awards,  Silver recipients  in Australian Training awards 2022- Small employer of the year and has just recently been awarded the  NAIDOC 2023 Organisation of the Year award.


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