November 23rd, 2016

Finding a quality education, training or higher education private training provider, has never been easier! The ACPET Catalogue is the perfect online tool for students, parents and career advisers, making the search that much easier…

The new addition of the ACPET Catalogue for 2017 launches today, for students, parents and careers advisers to gain up to date information on education, training and higher education with a leading private provider.

Originally launched in 2013, the online ACPET Catalogue is optimised for iPads and tablets and also easily accessible on mobile phones and desktops. Interactive elements such as swiping technology, video and image galleries make this an appealing tool for varied user groups.

Now with more listings than ever before the Catalogue is an engaging way for prospective students as well as career advisers and parents to select quality training.

There are hundreds of providers offering a wide variety of courses in Australia, and it can be difficult to know that you are selecting a quality provider. ACPET serves as a comprehensive and trusted reference, representing the best of the best in reputable training providers in the private sector.

With17% more listings than last year (over 340 listings) the Catalogue is an extremely useful tool for career advisers, students, teachers and parents to easily access need-to-know information about private providers, courses, enrollment dates and financial assistance and connects users straight to members’ websites. Courses and providers can be searched by industry and state.

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