July 16th, 2020

Civil engineering was the biggest area of job vacancies in the sector.

SMH: 16 July 2020: Job seekers and school leavers will be promised $2 billion in federal support to learn new skills in a sweeping federal program “JobTrainer” to help them tough out the recession amid deepening unemployment.

The Morrison government will commit $500 million to a new “JobTrainer” scheme to run new courses for thousands of workers so they have the skills that will be in demand when a recovery comes.

The government will also spend $1.5 billion on further wage subsidies for apprentices including this year’s school-leavers, in a significant move to extend a key stimulus measure beyond its original September deadline.

Mr Morrison will bill the new package as a way to help 340,000 trainees and 180,000 apprentices gain the skills they will need to fill new jobs “on the other side of the crisis” in the assumption of a recovery.

The $500 million component will go towards courses that meet the needs identified by the National Skills Commission, in consultation with the states and territories and in the hope they will match the funding.

The courses are expected to be in fields such as health, social assistance, transport, warehousing, manufacturing and retail, although this is also subject to discussions with the states.



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For more information and Senator Cash’s media release: https://ministers.dese.gov.au/morrison/jobtrainer-skills-package-economic-growth-and-recovery

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