Get Involved

So, you want to get involved in National Skills Week…but you don’t know where to start?

There are several ways of getting involved in National Skills Week.

You could:

  • Run your own event and promote your organisation or industry; register your event via our Online Form
  • Support National Skills Week as a sponsor; or
  • Visit one of the hundreds of events that are being held nationally.

If you like to support National Skills Week by becoming a sponsor please visit our Sponsor Page.

Learn about National Skills Week events being held nationally, or in your area by searching the hashtag: #NationalSkillsWeek2020 on Facebook and Instagram. We will also be featuring and publicising some key events on our official National Skills Week social platforms – as well as our Website Events Page.

If you are passionate about Vocational Education and Training, and have a great desire to get involved in promoting VET, run your own National Skills Week event! If you are a career advisor, TAFE representative, RTO representative, employer, Skills Council representative or similar promote your organisation and industry and be part of this great initiative to shine a spotlight on vocational education in Australia.

The idea of organising an event or activity may seem like a daunting task but SkillsOne is here to help.

Below are some starting points to get you thinking about ways to run your National Skills Week event, which, hopefully, should make things a little simpler:

  • What existing relationships do you have with similar organisations, community groups, local council etc. that you may be able to leverage? National Skills Week is a collaborative event, so think about ways that you can work together with other groups and organisations. Get inspired through previous and present National Skills Week events and collect ideas. You can find a list of

    EXAMPLES-OF-PAST-EVENTS 2020 and a detailed HOW-TO-RUN-NSWK-EVENT 2020

  • Where do your skills and passions lie? Think about the arena of skills, trades, and vocational education and what you are most passionate about, have knowledge on, and work from there. We have compiled a list of helpful hints for schools and Career Advisers, which you can download here

    School Ideas- Suggestions for Events

  • Identify the gaps- what areas do you think need attention? What can you do to address these concerns and shed light on positive development opportunities and aims? For example do you want to promote a new course you are offering or get the attention of the public towards a course that seems old-fashioned but is in high demand right now?
  • Think about programs that you already have in place, or activities that you’ve run in the past that could be integrated into National Skills Week, i.e. Open Day. Our relationship with News Corp means that there are great opportunities for publicising programs and activities, as well as your organisation, to a large database of national readers (9.8 million papers distributed weekly).
  • Get creative! It doesn’t matter whether your event or activity is large or small, the opportunities for creativity are endless.
  • Talk to others- you don’t have to do this alone. Hold a discussion or a brainstorm with other members of your group or organisation- you may be surprised what you can come up with.

If you’re interested in coordinating an event or activity, or would like to discuss your possible involvement, contact:

SkillsOne Television
Phone: 0438 808 848

Checkout our Facebook page for photos and examples of events held in 2019

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