About National Skills Week

August 26 – September 1, 2019

Now moving into its ninth year, National Skills Week will again set out to bring to life the positive messages, highlighting the talents, the skills, the career pathways and the value of apprentices and trainees across Australia to the wider public and employers. The week is dedicated to raising the status of practical and vocational learning.

Past years achieved much, with unparalleled media coverage accompanied by the practical inclusions of over 500 known events taking place across the country delivering engaging and inspirational messages, promoting the VET sector generally.

SkillsOne will once again be driving the initiative working with government and stakeholders to achieve unique and beneficial outcomes, accompanied and supported by unprecedented media coverage.

We want you to play a part, practically organising, showcasing activities and events during the week (August 26 – September 1, 2019). There are many ways you can be involved. If you would like to learn more about National Skills Week, please contact – Email: info@skillsone.com.au Phone: 0438 808 848.

National Skills Week

SkillsOne has been the active participant driving the working relationship and partnership with stakeholders to assist the Australian Government in meeting the unique challenges to address national skill and labour demands and provide opportunity for Australians young and old, to benefit from a growth economy.

The Vision

To raise the status of practical and vocational learning, enabling all Australians to gain a greater understanding of the opportunities, their potential, and how they can contribute to a successful, modern economy.

The Mission

To articulate and advocate – “learning by doing is as important as academic learning”. To showcase examples of the many pathways to success and to dispel some of the out-dated myths often associated with vocational training.

The Objectives

  • To coordinate a nationwide celebration of vocational qualifications and to shine a spotlight on the achievements of practical learners
  • To highlight opportunities for minority groups such as Indigenous Australians and workers with disabilities
  • To focus on the success stories (Australian Training Award Ambassadors, and WorldSkills Ambassadors)
  • To encourage women to get into non-traditional trades such as building and construction or automotive, and emphasise the changes in technology as well as society that make careers in non traditional industries accessible
  • To capture the attention of the media and provide engaging platforms for positive stories and announcements. Include platforms of social media to expand audience participation
  • To highlight the talent and skills of apprentices to the wider public and employers- i.e. WorldSkills Competitions and Australian Training Award ambassadors
  • To take advantage of the opportunity to celebrate vocational qualifications taken by people of all ages and at all levels
  • To showcase and profile Registered Training Organisations, Trade Training Centres in schools (VETiS), Group Training Organisations and Employers
  • To focus on the vocational landscape, its diversity and the opportunities for young and old
  • To highlight the range of apprenticeships available in different sectors and the related pathways
  • To engage with and persuade employers of the advantages associated with employing and supporting apprentices
  • Wider benefits sought include: motivating more entrants to the workforce with an appreciation of “Australia at Work; raise skills within the adult workforce; and promoting re-skilling to address the challenges of change and productivity
  • To provide an opportunity for Federal and State Government Ministers to highlight government policy and the positive outcomes sought
  • To showcase industry and the sector (TAFE) working together to increase positive economic outcomes

What they said…

  • “National Skills Week is an exciting opportunity to celebrate and reflect on how important Vocational Education and Training (VET) is to our nation and the lives of individual Australians.”
    Senator The Hon. Simon Birmingham
    Minister for Education and Training
  • “I’m wearing, in honour of National Skills Week and the Skillaroos, a necklace that was made by a young woman who wanted me to have it to celebrate National Skills Week. It’s a beautiful piece of jewellery. It just shows that as our young people are developing their skills… it says something about the breadth and diversity of the training that we’re involved in.”
    The Hon. Julia Gillard
    Former Prime Minister
  • “May I commend National Skills Week on a valuable event.”
    The Hon. Phillip Ruddock, MP
  • “National Skills Week will inform and inspire people all ages to explore the benefits of Vocational Education and Training… Our state is in a great position. We have thriving small business community. We have a booming construction Industry. All we need now are the skilled workers to fill those jobs and build our future workforce together.”
    The Hon. John Barilaro MP
    Minister for Regional Development, Skills and Small Business
  • “You should be congratulated on National Skills Week- the feedback we have received has been extremely positive.”
    Frederick Maddern OBE
    Chairman WPC Group Limited
  • “National Skills Week is great opportunity to really take time out just to recognise the contribution skills make to Australia. We have about 1.7 million people every year going through the Vocational Education and Training sector and really, they are the back bone to many of the jobs which help drive this nation.”
    Phillip Bullock
    Former Chairman Skills Australia
  • “We think National Skills Week is a real opportunity to give our industry a profile, and get people excited about skills.”
    Alan Ross
    Former Chief Executive CPSISC
  • “The SkillsOne team are friendly, professional and passionate about the vocational education and training sector. The team was an integral part of VERTO taking their National Skills Week marketing activities to the next level.”
    Gemma Wald
    Senior Manager Communications and Business Development, VERTO
  • “With the current focus on skills and trades, National Skills Week etc., we looked at new initiatives through which Rotary could engage with TAFE”
    Peter Kirkwood
    Rotary District 9680