Event Date: August 7th, 2019

‘- Who will be involved (faculty, year grades etc) This is run by the TAS faculty in our school with Yr 11 and 12 students from our VET hospitality classes.


Event summary:
– Who will be attending the event

However all the local work place providers that our students are sent to during work placements will be invited by Michael Everett, as a thank you for hosting students in the ULTIMO region.

We are also inviting guests to the event and they include: Principals from our local area ( both primary and secondary) The Senior pathways officers that help with VET in schools, the schools executive staff, Head Teachers from local High Schools, members of our P&C and parents of students who are participating in the event

– What will be happening on the day

60 year 11 and 12 students from our Food and Beverage classes and Kitchen Operations classes will be involved in the TWO day event. Students will prepare a three course meal ( see below) The students from Condell Park High school will work with local Chefs and the hospitality teachers to prepare, cook and serve the meal for our special guests.

– How does your event relate to National Skills Week

This is a real world experience and will allow our VET students to be part of a corporate experience within the school setting. The students will be preparing and serving the three course meal to guests. This will involve both front of house and back of house students. It will also help make the successful transition for students from school to work.

– How does your event celebrate and inform students and the wider public of the diversity and career pathways available through VET?”

This event will give students the experience on how to cater in the real world. This will show case our students culinary skills that they learn from dedicated teachers of VET. They will learn skills from experienced chefs that they will be able to take out into their work placements or future jobs.

They will learn how to work in a team, follow instructions and use their creative skills. Students will take part in master classes and also be able to chat with participating chef from the local area who are volunteering their time and expertise for the event. The event will also help cover mandatory work placement hours for the students.

Contact: Cherayne Brackley 97094522 from Condell Park High School and Michael Everett 0428935688 (MWLP)

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