Our vision

“Together we give every Victorian the best learning and development experience, making our state a smarter, fairer and more prosperous place”

Education is both fundamental to the development of individuals and families and to building a strong society that has better health outcomes, greater social mobility, and strong economic growth, productivity and employment.

We have a key role in shaping the lives of Victorians and the future of the state.

We support Victorians to reach their potential, regardless of their background, postcode or circumstance, and to develop the knowledge, skills and attributes they need to participate and thrive in a complex economy and society.

We do this by:

  • ensuring Victorians have equitable access to quality education and training
  • working with providers and partners to build an integrated birth to adulthood education and development system
  • supporting children, young people and adults with well-coordinated universal and targeted services close to where they live
  • promoting excellence, innovation and economic growth.

The goals we set, the changes we implement, the systems we support, and the services we offer are all focused on improving outcomes and opportunities for Victorians and supporting them to build happy, healthy and rewarding lives.


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