Call for Ideas

We invite you to submit an abstract for 15-20 minute presentation or a submission for the Digital Toolbox of Ideas  at The Orchestra of Ideas Conference.

We are looking for inspiring, tried and tested ideas that have had great outcomes in the Vocational Education and Training Sector- changing the perceptions of VET, addressing skills shortages,collaborative practices,  and/or positively contributing to raising the status of practical and vocational learning.

We all know that some of the most effective practices are just small changes/ adjustments or approaches. The ideas/ practices, programs  could be big or small, simple or complex.  The size does not matter! We want to hear from you.  Below we have listed some ideas to get you thinking:

  • A school who is working with parents to change the perception of VET
  • An Industry Association who is working with stakeholders to address skill shortages
  • An organisation that is  delivering programs differently that challenge traditional ways of engaging or encouraging students to take up Vocational Education
  • A team  working with industry on programs that are delivering opportunities for new entrants or applying new technology or ideas.
  • An organisation working with young people/parents  to introduce possible careers or jobs in an innovative way,

Background information for your submission

What is the conference about?

The focus of the conference is to bring together leaders and innovators in VET and Skills Training to collaborate, to share their knowledge, ignite passion and to build on successful ideas and opportunities that will enable Australia to thrive, meet the skills needs of industry and advance Australia’s competitiveness and global opportunity.

“A strong VET sector is critical to our economy and to helping prepare Australians for the workforce opportunities of today and the future. Our fast-moving world will need flexible and applied ways of learning, so people can lay strong foundations for their careers and then build further skills and knowledge throughout life to participate in new and changing industries. The VET sector will play a key role in training new skills, as well as transferring or upskilling existing skills, for the jobs of today and tomorrow.” tomorrow


The conference is designed for Vocational and Skills Educators, Career Advisors, Transition Officers, Senior Pathways, Tertiary Practitioners, Industry and government representatives who are drivers of change, looking for proven innovative ideas to address the challenges of engaging people in VET.  We are looking for presentations that our conference attendees will walk away with a roadmap or guide on how they could implement the ideas.

Format of the conference

Over the one day event , there is anticipated to showcase 13-15 proven ideas during the day with sufficient breaks to allow attendees to network, view digital toolboxes, meet with peers and sponsors, and discover opportunities for collaborative work and ideas.

There will also be conversational/ virtual exhibitions of our Digital Toolbox of Ideas

On stage presentation

There will be on stage presentations – each a maximum 20 minutes (this could be similar to TED / Ignite style or we welcome and are open to different delivery options- film/ demonstrations etc)

The presentations will be filmed and uploaded to the Digital Toolbox of Ideas as part of the post conference program. Speakers at the conference may be asked to contribute to a panel discussion or be available to meet outside the main conference theatre at a designed time to meet with and engage with conference attendees (TBC).

We seek informative, relevant and thought-provoking presentations that:,

  • Focus on actual real outcomes/ programs (evidence based) achievements and challenges (warts and all) ,  and recommendations/ learnings.
  • Present your ideda/ practice/ program in a solution based approach with  stepping stones to implementation component presented at the end. This will be to inspire and challenge other VET practitioners and industry to incorporate your idea.
  • engage the audience.

Presentations can highlight ideas that is either in progress or complete.  It is intended to be a collegial sharing experience with the opportunity to follow up further detail, ideas or practices that resonate with the attendees.


To submit your abstract, please either scroll down to the bottom of the page  to the online form or  click on the following link:

The Digital Toolbox of Ideas

This  will be a repository of proven ideas that showcase the initiatives, best practice or program.  We will provide the platform for this toolbox.

The toolbox will be shared with conference attendees in the spirit of collaboration, and discover possibilities of building on your ideas to create meaningful learning experiences, engage with and encourage higher participation and completions in VET outcomes for students and industry.

All submissions selected for presentations on stage at the conference will automatically be included in the digital toolbox.

This opportunity could also be utilised by contributors who cannot attend the event but would like their innovative idea showcase in the toolbox.

Please be aware that this is not an opportunity for a sales pitch. This is an opportunity to add to the national discussion around building engagement and developing innovative teaching and assessment strategies that deliver positive outcomes for students and industry. The programs are designed and promoted to inspire, challenge and contribute to the professional development of our conference delegates and deliver high quality outcomes to our customers.

To submit your abstract, please either scroll down to the bottom of this page and complete the online form  click on the following link:

Criteria for review of submissions.

  • The submission aligns to the theme/ purpose of the conference.
  • There is clear results/ outcomes and evidence that the program has been delivered or is currently being delivered and has positive results in engaging students and industry, changing perceptions, and/or addressing skills shortages or challenging the status quo
  • The submission and activities are of industry ethical and legal standing- ie not shortcuts or work-arounds to circumvent regulations/ authority
  • Consideration of submission standing among similar proposals



Once your proposal is accepted for inclusion, we will provide further details and support in the lead up to the conference. Our team will meet with you either in person, by phone or by video conference to ensure that our presenters have the tools to engage with the audience and deliver a high quality presentation.

Remember – No idea is too small!

Complete the form below or follow this link:

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For further information, please contact Anne Cazar on 0438 808 848 or via email