Objectives of the Week

The primary objectives of National Skills Week are:

  • Nationwide celebration of vocational qualifications and to shine a spotlight on the achievements of practical learners
  • To highlight the talent and skills of apprenticeships to the wider public and employers (Australian Training Awards)
  • An opportunity to celebrate vocational qualifications taken by people of all ages and at all levels
  • To showcase and profile Registered Training Organisations, Trade Schools (VETiS), Group Training Organisations and Employers
  • Focus on the vocational landscape, its diversity and the opportunity for young and old
  • To highlight the range of Apprentices available in different sectors and progression routes
  • To engage and persuade employers of the advantages of employing and supporting Apprentices
  • Wider benefits sought include motivating more entrants to the workforce with an appreciation of the “Australia at Work”, raised skills within the adult workforce, re-skilling to address the challenges of change and productivity
  • Provides opportunity for Federal Ministers to highlight government policy and the positive outcomes sought i.e. the opening of New Trade Training Centers in school programs and their effect etc.
  • To showcase industry and the Vocational Skills Training sector  working together to increase positive economic outcomes