What is National Skills Week?

National Skills Week is an initiative, a collaboration of activities and events aimed at raising the status of trades, skills and Vocational Education and Training. For a more detailed description, check out our About National Skills Week page.

When is National Skills Week?

National Skills Week 2020 will take place from the 24th August until 30th August 2020.

Where is National Skills Week happening?

National Skills Week events and activities will be taking place all over the country. For a detailed listing of the events and activities that are happening, and where they are taking place, head to our Events Listing page. Can’t find anything in your area? Why not coordinate an activity yourself! Check out the Get Involved page for further information.

Who is behind National Skills Week?

National Skills Week is an initiative of SkillsOne Television and is supported by Australian, State and Territory Governments. SkillsOne has been the active participant driving the working relationship and partnership with stakeholders to assist the Australian Government in meeting the unique challenges to address national skill and labour demands and provide opportunity for Australians young and old, to benefit from a growth economy. For more information on our sponsors and supporters, and how you can become a sponsor, head to our Support page.

Why do we need a National Skills Week?

Australia continues to experience an increase in demand for skilled labour, which requires increased workforce participation, increased skill attainment and the employment of attraction and retention strategies. A large part of addressing this issue is providing ample education and information about the career and training possibilities and opportunities that are available to all Australians. National Skills Week aims to raise the awareness of the diversity of training and career opportunities available, pathways into training and education, and the importance of trades, skills and VET to today’s society. For further information on the aims and objectives of National Skills Week, check out our Mission Statement.

Why should I get involved?

National Skills Week is a fantastic opportunity to promote your business or organisation and the contribution you make to the skills, trades and VET sector. Last year we had over 400 events nationally. Your involvement can be tailored to suit your aims and objectives, and it is entirely up to you how big or small you would like your event or activity to be.

Media Coverage

The event will also provide opportunities for extra publicity and media coverage, as well as providing insight and information to those interested in entering the industry or looking to further their education. Last year the media coverage of National Skills Week was valued at over $25 million that included News Corp’s metro and community papers and in addition other media outlets such as radio, ABC, Sky News, SkillsOne Television, national print media and an ever increasing number of social media platforms.

What sorts of events or activities could I organise?

As previously mentioned, involvement is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs and resources. It can be a chance for you to get creative, or to integrate an activity or program that you already run in to the week to gather extra publicity and coverage. For further inspiration and pointers on getting involved click here.

How do I register an event?

It’s simple, just fill out a registration form on our Register Your Event page. All events will be collated into a central database and also listed online on our Events page. Once you’ve completed the initial registration form, you’ll be emailed with further information on keeping your event up to date.

Where can I find out more about trades, skills and apprenticeships?

A great first stop is the Real Skills for Real Careers website.

There are many places you can go to find out information on trades, skills and apprenticeships. The SkillsOne website is a great resource for videos and information on career and training opportunities, industry and job profiles, the latest news and information on the industry and more. As well as this we have compiled a list of Useful Links for all things trades, skills and apprenticeships.

Still got questions?  Head over to our Contact Us page and give us a call – or send an email.